The Quest line of e-liquid is not just another entry into an over saturated market. Quest was designed from the ground up to not only stand out from the crowd, but to set THE benchmark for what “Premium” E-liquid actually means.

The Quest Difference:

  1. Quest is exclusively “Powered by Flavour Art”. Flavour Art is the only flavouring company that has designed a line of concentrates intended and tested for use in e-liquid. Other flavour companies used in e-liquid lines were designed as food grade, intended for ingestion, not inhalation.
  2. Every ingredient in Quest is independently lab tested. Flavour Art tests each flavour concentrate at certified labs in Italy and the US. PG and VG are pharmaceutical grade tested at 99.9% and 99.7% purity respectively. Base nicotine is tested by Dvine to verify the concentration level.
  3. Once Quest has been mixed and bottled, the final product is tested by Dvine Labs for contaminants and nicotine level.
  4. Quest is produced at the Dvine production facility, one of the top tier production facilities found in North America. They are equipped with a full production clean room, batching and sanitation stations, advanced air filtration, automated filling, and full analytical equipment for testing. Dvine’s quality control, sanitation, and production procedures are second to none.
  5. The entire line of Quest is sent to Enthalpy Analytical Laboratories in the US for final confirmation of previous test results. The entire line is re-tested by Enthalpy every 6 months.
  6. Flavour Art performs a secret shopper purchase of the Quest line (1-2 times per year) to perform additional testing, with results posted online.
  7. Quest e-liquid was designed for use in the widest range of devices (old & new) while maintaining excellent flavour, and wicking at a 60%VG 40%PG ratio.
  8. Each flavour went through an intensive 5 month development period. Initial flavour profiles were designed in cooperation with experts from Flavour Art, Dvine, and Evape. Revisions were adopted after extensive consumer and expert input and feedback.
  9. The Quest line was developed with flavours that appeal to experienced vapers and smokers making the switch for the first time.
  10. Everything from flavour names to production facility was considered to ensure compliance with future federal regulations.
  11. Other attributes: Tamper evident seals, Child resistant caps, ECTA compliant labels.

No E-liquid in the world exceeds the quality of Quest, and few, if any can even match it. Unique and superb flavours, unmatched quality, unparalleled level of testing, and true product character; these are the pillars of Evape Quest.

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