Notice Regarding INTERAC e-Transfer


As you may have already noticed, credit card processing is not available on Vapestrong, and INTERAC e-Transfer is currently our only accepted method of payment. You may be asking yourself, why is this? The reason, simply put, is that after two years of being the leading credit card payment processor for the electronic cigarette industry, TD Merchant Services has abruptly, and with little notice, severed their contracts with online electronic cigarette industry retailers.

Part of this is due to current compliance requirements imposed by MasterCard (with similar requirements from Visa coming soon) that require the collection of additional fees for certain kinds of "restricted" (but not "prohibited") product sales. Evidently, this was too much of a burden for TD Bank to handle, and thus they have dropped almost every online vape store client from their roster.

The timing of this, unfortunately, coincided with the launch of our new website,, which was to serve as a brand-new replacement for Canadian E-Juice SuperStore ( Vapestrong has been a goal of ours for a long time - a brand-new website with a new web host and software that would allow for speed, ease, and efficiency that was never possible with our old web host. A better website means fewer glitches and mistakes - less money wasted, and that means lower prices for you, the customer. We've already been able to lower prices across the board, and focus more on individual customer service. Lower prices. Better service. Faster shipments. Zero mistakes. That's the goal with Vapestrong. 

While many of our industry colleagues are racing to find an alternative credit card processing solution, we feel that the time and money invested to that end would be better spent on things that translate into real savings for you, the customer. No credit cards means no credit card fees - and lower prices for you. It also means we can put more into ordering stock in volume - which means cost savings we can pass on to you.

While we aren't ruling out credit cards in the future, right now we are going to focus on the essentials that translate into a better experience for you, the customer, right here and right now.

To all of you who have been with us through Canadian E-Juice SuperStore, and as far back as, thank you for your support and we hope to deliver an even better experience than the one you know and love. And to our newcomers, thank you as well - we hope you find us to be as good as anywhere else you've been.