Notice to Customers Regarding Major Vapes Tobacco Discontinuation


As an ejuice manufacturer, we rely on ingredients supplied by many different companies to craft our juice. Unfortunately, one of those ingredients is now no longer available. As a result, certain tobacco-flavoured ejuices will have to be modified, or eliminated completely.

Rest assured our team is working day in and day out to solve this issue, both with modifications to existing products and entirely-new replacement products. Our team is drawing on both their years of experience and the latest and greatest flavourings on the market to develop things that not only take us back to where we were, but move us to the forefront of ejuice creation in the industry. This process has already yielded some of the finest tobacco-flavoured juices we've ever created, and we are excited to announce the results of this process. 

From all of us here, we thank you for your support over the years and are blessed to be able to provide you with the best ejuice on the market, and will continue to do so in the future.