Major Vapes

Flavour Descriptions:

Black & Blue - A simple but delicious combination of blackberry and blueberry with a touch of cream.

Razzleberry - A perfect blend of sweet raspberry and ripe blackberry.

Tropic - A tropical island vape with hints of black currant and grapefruit.

French Vanilla - A smooth and mellow blend of fine vanilla extracts.

Root Beer - Just like the drink but zero calories.

Early Grey - A warm and mellow earl grey tea with a hint of citrus.

Major Menthol - Icy, crisp, and refreshing. A menthol tobacco fan favorite.

Creamy Menthol - Rich tobacco with a creamy mint finish.

Peppermint - Minty, fresh, delicious.

Black Honey Tobacco - A great tobacco taste with a side of sweetness from the honey.

Belle Tobacco - Our best selling tobacco blend. Rich and full bodied with a hint of almond.

Canuck Menthol - Bold and refreshing, this is Canadian winter in a bottle.

RY4 Tobacco - A mixture of smooth delicious caramel with the raw taste of rich, full-flavored tobacco.

Signature Tobacco - A classic bold cuban cigar.

Okanagan Valley - A medley of fruit from B.C.'s own Okanakan Valley

Flavourless - A flavour and scent free vape!