Manufacturing Lab


Founded in 2011, Canadian Electronic Vapor is one of the oldest electronic cigarette companies in Canada. Starting with just $600 and a dream, CEV quickly expanded into retail, ecommerce, franchising, and eliquid manufacturing. After breaking a million dollars in annual revenue, we incorporated as CEV/MV Marketing Corporation, the parent company for our retail (CEV) and manufacturing (Major Vapes) divisions. 

CEV was a founding member of both ECTA and CVA, and our manufacturing division (Major Vapes) maintains full ECTA membership.

We regularly submit our juice for Enthalpy safety testing and analysis, and we keep a batch code database of every juice ever produced, with procedures in place to initialize localized, targeted recalls if ever necessary.

Here is our lab


Is rock solid, using only flavoring from TPA, Flavor West, and Flavor Art North America – the safest and most reliable flavoring ingredient suppliers. Our VG & PG is ordered through Essential Wholesale (either by pallet or drum, depending on demand) and our bottles come direct from China through Ruiyan or are overnighted from Specialty Bottle in Seattle.

Our manufacturing philosophy follows Japanese-style lean/ just-in-time production, with materials ordered on-demand to meet any fluctuation and minimize inventory waste. We keep inventory to a target four-week turnaround on all products, but our robust supply chain allows us to ramp up to meet any size demand within two weeks.


Vaporline started with just one small store and Major Vapes ejuice.

Our tech support team customized their point-of-sale software to track purchases and automatically generate restock purchase orders with the click of a button. With the quality and convenience of stocking Major Vapes juice, Vaporline was able to dominate the Vancouver market.

Today, Vaporline is one of the largest vaping retail chains in the province.


Starts with our lab, where new inventory is sterilized and decontaminated before entering the lab. The lab itself is sterilized to an ISO grade cleanroom thanks to our hospital-grade air filtration with UV sterilization. Every bottle is UV-sterilized using different equipment, and our nicotine is tested for purity before use.

After a mix is bottled, it’s sealed with either a tamper- proof/child-proof/heat-shrink cap and/or seal, depending on the product. Our labels are printed in-house, on demand, via an industrial label printer with smear-proof, full CMYK ink at 1200 DPI on stain-proof, high-gloss polypropylene labels.

Our label designs go beyond full ECTA/CCCR2001 compliance, and include every conceivable piece of relevant safety information, without compromising the bold, eye-catching designs usually only found in unregulated American imports.

Quality goes into everything we do, from our rigorous testing and development process to our world-class customer service and support.

Convenience for our clients is key. We operate a dedicated ecommerce platform for wholesale. Ordering with us is as easy as shopping online.

Innovation drives every part of our process. We’re constantly thinking outside the box to create value for our partners and stakeholders.

When you choose Major Vapes, you’re choosing one of the most reliable and trusted names in the industry. We’ve been at the forefront of innovation since 2011.

Whether you’re a small shop or a major chain, Major Vapes is here to help. The same quality, dedication, and attention to detail goes into everything we do.


Even after a product is shelved in our warehouse, regularly scheduled quality-control inspections are in place to ensure that customers receive clean bottles and the freshest products. We have daily scheduled pickups with our Canada Post corporate account, and most orders – retail and wholesale – ship out within 24 hours. We currently operate out of a brand-new facility right in downtown Victoria, with large dedicated cleanroom lab space as well as office space for marketing and general administration. The remainder is used for warehousing product, and in the near future we’re moving to an even larger facility with extra lab space to expand our capacity even more.


Unlike other companies that utilize middlemen, we go straight to the source for quality and price.


We’re set up to meet and exceed the strictest proposed regulations for the industry.


Branding is everything. Our marketing team turns ideas into bankable assets.


Our staff and supply chain are flexible enough to meet demand of any size.


Maximum efficiency.
Uncompromising quality.

That’s our philosophy.